29 febbraio 2024
DTG 2024 1 febbraio
Powder Scattering

Universal powder scattering machine MP SCAT. Processing all kinds of substrates, suitable for scatter-coating and laminating by means of thermoplastic adhesive powders (polyamide, polyester, EVA, LDPE, HDPE based etc.). Possible applications in automotive industry, garment and shoe industry, carpet industry as well as upholstery/hometextile industry.
Only the scattering machine or complete lines can be offered, also in large working widths.

• The alternating brush is provided with a pneumatic tilting device, which allow a quick and easy maintenance and cleaning of the brush, with returns to the previously set position without the need of resetting.
• Installation of a special additional rotating brush, which is aimed to perfectly clean the scatter-roller; this also extends the life of the scatter roller and of the alternating brush.
• Different automatic powder feeding systems can be offered.
• The infrared heater oven is provided with a device which opens the oven and automatically moves away the IR heaters from the material, in case of line stop.
• A pin frame can be installed in the IR heater oven, to avoid heat sensitive materials to shrink.
• Accumulators can be installed to work non-stop and increase the production capacity of the line.
• The lines can be equipped with calender with nip-rollers or with continuous pressure belt calender.
• The belt calender is especially suitable for bonding light materials, giving them a very soft and textile handle, and for materials like velvets and microfibres, since it does not squeeze the pile of these materials.