Hotmelt coating and laminating machine MP MELT
Universal hotmelt coating and laminating machine MP MELT.
Processing all kinds of substrates, including heat sensitive materials, suitable for coating and laminating by means of thermoplastic hotmelt adhesives (polyamide, polyester, EVA, LDPE, HDPE based etc.), reactive PUR hotmelt adhesives, pressure sensitive hotmelt adhesives. Possible applications in automotive industry, garment and shoe industry, as well as upholstery/hometextile industry (mattress thicking, too).
• High production capacities with compact lines
• Gravure roller and multi-roll coating heads can be offered
• Basic or complete non-stop lines can be offered.

• The coating rollers (both gravure and multiroll) are heated by means of thermal oil flow and separated electric thermal oil heater, this assures temperature uniformity on the whole width.
• Separate lamination calander, suitable for thick substrates, such as foams or sensible substrates.
• Two cooling rollers with diameter 315 mm, which makes the machine suitable also for only coating thermoplastic adhesives.
• Different melting systems, depending on the hotmelt adhesive to be used, can be offered.
• Different application heads can be integrated.
• Accumulators can be installed to work non-stop and increase the production capacity of the line.