Polishing machine MPR I (Pol rotor)
Rotary press CSB/20 ton
Extra shining effect and maximum pile orientation.
Machines suitable for giving polishing/shining effects on wool and blends.
Rotary press equipped with a processing cylinder and a contrast bed, both made of cast iron and steam heated.
Pole Rotor machine with strongest polishing effect when processing blends with acryl.

• Cast iron calendering (ironing) cylinder, casted in one piece, diameter 600 mm.
• Cast iron contrast bedpress with rectified surface.
• Automatic control and adjustment of the temperature on cylinder and bed.
• Fabric ironing.
• Inlet overfeeding (boosting) cylinder to adjust the fabric tension before entering the calendering cylinder (±10%).
• Steaming basin before the calendering cylinder.
• Inlet fabric widening device.
• Outlet folding group with cylinder of large diameter, connected to a fan for the fabric before being folded.