Shearing machine SSC/a TURBO
Shearing machine SSC/a 11 TURBO
Shearing machine SSC/a 12 TURBO
Shearing machine SSC/a 20 TURBO
Available in different models, with one or more shearing groups:
Single unit shearing machine type SCC/a; SSC/a-11 type: one group to shear the right side and one to shear the back side; SSC/a 20 type: two groups to shear the same side of the fabric; SSC/a-12 type: one group to shear the back side and two groups to shear the right side. Its ultimate release is represented by the TURBO system, a special cylinder and ledger blade anti-vibration system ensuring the absence of faults and a high production speed, also with particularly difficult fabrics, as well as a considerable reduction in sharpening operations compared with those machines not equipped with this system. There are different optional solutions to manage selvedges, such as the selvedges protection automatic device or selvedges scrolling device.

• Automatic device to move fabric backwards every time the machine stops.
• Hoist for easy and quick replacement of the shearing group to ease maintenance interventions.
• Automatic seam jumping through the special sensors provided for seams detection. This way, the machine will automatically reject the minimum fabric quantity astride of seams.
• Impulse running of each device with independent driving system.
• Touch-screen display to guide and assist the operator during each operation phase.
• Driving system with inverter-controlled three-phase motors, as well as independent impulse controls for each device.
• An air conditioner installed on the upper section of the electric control box keep the temperature constant and avoid the formation of condensate.