23 novembre 2023
ITMA ASIA + CITME 19 novembre
Founded in 1925 thanks to the creativity and to forethought of his founder Mario Crosta, the company, placed in Busto Arsizio (VARESE, ITALY), quickly became a worldwide leader in design and production of machinery and plants fot dry finishing. This kind of treatment allows to finish any kind of fibre.
Mario Crosta Group, in business since 1925, aims to meet every customer's demand in textile finishing with competence, timeliness and professionalism, through a highly motivated and involved team and a constant attention to research and development. We offer innovative high value-added solutions to meet any worldwide market's growing technological needs.
Mario Crosta has always developed projects which meet with the various needs of the market, conceiving and designing new and up-dated technologies.
Keeping in mind the flexibility and the willingness to satisfy their customer's needs, just to offer them a better quality at competitive prices, Mario Crosta has worked out the schedule of its new products, updating it to a market standard, but also taking into consideration the initiative to examine and to meet the specific requests of the customers.

Mario Crosta wants to be the landmark of culture and excellence in textile finishing worldwide.
Leading the global market, we want to continue our global succesful history, producing and marketing attractive and innovative machinery to be exported to any contry, and thanks to that growing and becoming the leader of the high range.