Decatizing machine DSS
High power atmospheric decatizer.
Discontinuous decatizing machine suitable for processing high quality wool fabrics and blends, both worsted and woollen.
It confers the fabrics an extraordinary touch/feel and the requested dimensional stability.
Very suitable for preparation to KD, when processing worsted fine wool.

• Regular decatizing effects throughout the whole length of thefabric loaded in the machine.
• Rapid steam penetration.
• Inside/outside steam injection.
• Stainless steel decatizing cylinder, Ø 900 mm.
• Decatizing chamber frontal door with automatic driving system.
• Pressing cylinder.
• Wrapper aligning (centering) device.
• Wrapper winding device.
• Wrapper drying cylinder.
• Fabric aligning (centering) device.
• Horse-back folder.