14 giugno 2022
ITM 2022
30 maggio 2023

Decatizing machine DSS
High power atmospheric decatizer.
Discontinuous decatizing machine suitable for processing high quality wool fabrics and blends, both worsted and woollen.
It confers the fabrics an extraordinary touch/feel and the requested dimensional stability.
Very suitable for preparation to KD, when processing worsted fine wool.

• Regular decatizing effects throughout the whole length of thefabric loaded in the machine.
• Rapid steam penetration.
• Inside/outside steam injection.
• Stainless steel decatizing cylinder, Ø 900 mm.
• Decatizing chamber frontal door with automatic driving system.
• Pressing cylinder.
• Wrapper aligning (centering) device.
• Wrapper winding device.
• Wrapper drying cylinder.
• Fabric aligning (centering) device.
• Horse-back folder.