Teasel - Wet Brushing

Vegetable teasel raising machine CHD20
Metallic teasel raising machine CHD20 PMF®
Wet brushing machine STR 6C
Obtaining the maximum quality on woollen heavy fabrics.
These universal and versatile wet processing machines are engineered for giving maximum results on cachemire, mohair, alpaca and fine woollen wool.
The patented system working with metallic plates replaces the vegetable teasels giving higher uniformity and longer life of fillets.
Top quality is reached on coats, scarves and similar processing.

• Safety device for cleaning brushes of the raising cylinders.
• Semi-automatic drawing-in device.
• Pneumatic tension control of raising cylinders driving belts.
• Pneumatic braked cylinder at inlet.
• Impulse running of each device with independent driving system.
• Working hours counter for preventive maintenance control.
• Touch-screen display to guide and assist the operator during each operation phase.
• Programmer able to record up to 400 work programs.
• Driving system with inverter-controlled three-phase motors and DC bus system.
• An air conditioner installed on the upper section of the electric control box keep the temperature constant and avoid the formation of condensate, thus ensuring a long duration of all electric and electronic components.